And Further On

With the world i want being similar to our world it means that things can be adapted from existing things, The weapons that they use to kill the triffids are really interesting. These to have been changed in various adaptations of the story. Image

This is the triffid gun from the 1980s BBC series, this gun fired large spinning disks as described in the book but it is quite inaccurate and bulky, for my ideas i wanted to create a weapon that is fired more like a rifle. with a clip that allows the user to reload in clips intsted of loading one disk at a time. Loading one at a time would be scary if an army of triffids are coming at you (would be like fighting an army of zombies with a gun that only shoots one bullet). So i thought about this when designing the weapon. with the ammo i wanted to stick true to the book which describes the ammo as small metal disks, cross’s or boomerangs so i wanted to keep them the same.

Below are the sketches for the Anti-Triffid Gun (ATG) and its ammo

ImageI wanted the gun to be mechanical and not battery. So i added in a draw back ratchet to the front of the gun which is used to spin the disks to the right speed. I got the idea for that style from the Ripsaw Nerf Gun here is a video of how it works


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