Journey In hope

This project will be heavily based around creating the main characters of the novel but i didnt want to just forget about the rest of the game world that i will be creating the characters for. So i wanted to think about the sort of things that would be in the world as a result of the triffids coming about. The oil companies all switched from traditional oil to triffid oil so would have changed their names, i have come up with some logos to which the company could have adopted. In the sketch below are some concepts i have drawn up for some things in the game. Image

I have called the company Triff-Co


Also in the sketches i have added some other pieces like how i think the Face masks that the triff-ologist need to wear to stop getting stung by the triffids. This mask is a wire mesh front to stop the whip of the triffid, the rest of the helmet is designed on war helmets of the time to protect the wearer.

These are some ideas for the title


With the title i wanted to get the sort of 1950s horror film feel, the classic colors then for this style was red and yellow with a bold background, i feel i really hit the nail on the head with the 3rd one down.


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