Construction of a man

After creating the base ideas for Bill Masen i decided that there are a few things that i wanted to bring out of the book, Bill was described as wearing a lounge suit in the book so thats what i decided to make him wear. When he is hunting triffids he has a mesh mask helmet and some work gloves, this was the outfit that i wanted him to wear.

I built the mesh using 3ds max using the my workflow that i have been using for years. i wanted to keep the poly limit nice and low so that this can be used in a low level game.

Bill Masen Base Mesh

I then continued on to unwrap the mesh and sculpt and texture using mudbox, i prefer using mudbox for it features as the projection tool allows me to get a good base reference material. Here is the textured version of the character.

Mudbox Sculpt

After a few iterations i eventually ironed out some of the things i didn’t like about the character and that was things like a few proportion issues and some extra details into the character, ive tidied up the character to this stage and will now concentrate on creating the Triffids. Here is a render of Bill Masen in his current state.


Bill Masen

The texturing and lighting is the style that i would like to see in my game.

More to come soon 😀


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