A Growing Triffid

After working on bill i wanted to get on a work on making the iconic triffid, after my initial designs i decided on a plant that i wanted to base the triffid’s head on and that was an Albany Pitcher Plant (Cephalotus follicularis)

Albany Pitcher Plant

I started to rough out the base shape based on my sketch from a previous post, Here is the base mesh that i created

After working on it further i decided that it was to clean and tidy, the silhouette wasn’t broken up so i went in and added branches and general growth to the triffid to make the shape more intersesting.

Updated Triffid Base Mesh

For the final mesh i am going to use normal mapping to add extra growth and branches onto the main mesh, i will also use alpha maps to add leaves and foliage on the mesh.

More development to come


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